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Enter the world of Candy Warehouse, where enchanting selections of gummy candy in every flavor, color, and shape is as far as the eye can see. For parties that need pizazz, or a sweet treat that delights the senses, nothing outshines the classic gummy bears and gummy worms we all know and love. You’ll find this palate-pleasing candy in every shape and size imaginable, including the world’s largest gummy creation, the giant gummy bear, which weighs a remarkable 4.5 pounds! This sweet, soft, and chewy bear is big enough to cuddle and is a guaranteed hit of any party. If you’re a candy connoisseur, gummy confections from fabulous brands such as Haribo, Albanese, and Black Forest in single-serve or bulk packaging will fill your candy bowl with as much or as little as you need. For everything from chocolate-covered gummies to delectable flavors like Strawberry Crème and Mai Tai, as well as sugar-free bulk gummies for special diets, welcome to the world of sweet, sour or spicy gummy candy at Candy Warehouse!