Gummy Eyeballs

Gummy Scary Eyeballs: 2KG Bag


Bee International OOZing Eyeballs Candy: 3-Piece Bag

19 Reviews

Mini Gummy Eyes: 5LB Bag

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Give Halloween party guests a spooky welcome when the festive food is literally staring right back at them courtesy of gummy eyeballs candy from Candy Warehouse. Tender ocular orbs offer a chewy sweetness, along with a grotesque silhouette that's perfect for popping into the mouth for a creepy treat. Whether you want to float mini eyeballs in a horror-filled punch, fill a candy dish with sweets that stare back, or top some sinister cupcakes with petrifying peepers, Candy Warehouse has the candies you crave with a variety of gummy eyeball candy from brands such as Yumy Yumy and Fini. Pick from designs that boast bloodshot veins or marshmallow-crafted optics oozing a fruit-flavored gel with a single bite. Select from individually wrapped gummy eyes or bulk bags of eyeballs to find the right squishy sweet to freak out the friends and family you invite to your next spooky soiree.

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