Gummy Flowers

Gummy Sour Flowers: 1KG Bag

2 Reviews

Albanese Awesome Blossoms Gummy Flowers Candy: 5LB Bag

4 Reviews

Efrutti Gummy Roses Candy: 1KG Bag


Jelly Filled Gummy Berries Candy: 1KG Bag


Fill lovely glass candy dishes with gummy flowers from Candy Warehouse and create a beautiful candy display that is as charming as it is delicious. Perfect buds with rainbow-hued petals lend an enchanting feel to parties and special events while providing a sweet treat for guests to enjoy. Another way to add a springtime touch to baked goods, such as a tiered cake or tender cupcakes, is to decorate the tops with flower shaped gummy candy by Albanese Confectionery or eFrutti. Browse through out site and find flower gummies in a variety of colors and styles to bring the perfect look to bridal and baby showers or a birthday gathering. These delicately designed flower candies deliver a tender chew that's delicious and flavorful.

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