Gummy Snakes

26-Pound Party Gummy Python

4 Reviews

Haribo Gummy Twin Snakes Candy: 3.75LB Box

4 Reviews

Haribo Gummi Rattle Snakes Candy: 3.75LB Box

2 Reviews

Giant 1-Pound Gummy Snake - Blue Raspberry and Berry Blast


Albanese Giant Gummy Rattlesnakes Candy: 5LB Bag

4 Reviews

Giant Gummy Snakes Candy: 7LB Bag


Gummy snakes candy is the succulent snack you never knew you needed.. Until now. Don’t let the slithering shape stop you dead in your tracks! Assuredly, these tasty treats aren’t poisonous like the real thing. Quite the contrary! Chewy, sugary, and flavored like your favorite fruit, these scaly snacks are a mouthwatering must-have. Avoid the dusty serpent-filled trails and take a walk on the wild side with a giant gummy snake as a dessert or photo prop at your next birthday bash. Thankfully, Candy Warehouse has the world’s largest gummy snake, sitting at a whopping 26 pounds and swirled with fruity flavors of cherry and blue raspberry. If colossal party pythons aren’t your speed, may we suggest a five-pound treat from Albanese much more suited for individual consumption? Just slice it, bite it, and go! Are these possibilities still too monstrous for your sweet tooth? Then colorful bite sized Haribo gummy snakes are the choice for you. Shop the latest today!

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