Gummy Rats

Jelly Belly Pet Rats Gummy Packs: 12-Piece Box

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Trolli Sour Brite Gummy Bats, Cats, and Rats: 3LB Box


Tiny Gummy Mice Candy: 3KG Bag


There's no need to scream and jump on a chair when enjoying a gummy rat from Candy Warehouse. These cute, dimensional candies offer a shocking rodent shape that delivers a fresh, fruity burst with each bite, including the tail, ears, nose and more. Nosh awhile on a large Jelly Belly pet rat gummy candy or pop tiny gray rodents with eerie red eyes into your mouth one at a time. Friends and family will freak when they watch you nibble away, leaving just the tail dangling out of your lips! Find a variety of gummy candy rats at Candy Warehouse in a range of sizes, shapes, colors and flavors. Make a Halloween party even spookier by adding these creepy candies to a dish for snacking or throw a handful into a punchbowl and see if any of them can swim to the side before being eaten.

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