Gummy Brain

Jelly Filled Gummy Brains: 1KG Bag

28 Reviews

Add bowls of gummy brain candy to the treat table at any party and you're bound to turn more than a few heads. Stock up on these soft and tender brainy chews in bulk from Candy Warehouse. Once partygoers partake in these flavorful, medulla oblongata-shaped sweets, their perfect combination of creepy and delicious will start firing everyone's neurons. Amp up the ghoulish appeal of a Halloween extravaganza with these brain gummies from Candy Warehouse. Select from sour brain matter bites by Jelly Belly or realistically grooved, gooey-filled gray matter made by Vidal Candies. Graduation parties or medical-themed events are also the perfect place to incorporate this intelligent organ candy to the snack area. Not only do they offer a sugary splurge but are also a smart way to start a conversation.

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