Gummy Candy Corn

Gummy Candy Corn: 2KG Bag

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Brach's Candy Corn Gummy Candy: 11-Ounce Bag


Christmas Gummy Candy Corn: 5LB Bag


Update your traditional treats this Halloween with gummy candy corn from Candy Warehouse. These puffy kernels offer up a fun option to the classic mellowcreme candy with their layered colors and soft, sticky chew. Enjoy a variety of choices that include Brach's candy corn gummies or mouth-watering options from Vidal Candies. And for those who can never seem to satisfy their sweet tooth, you can even delve into colossal candy corn gummies. Celebrate the Christmas season with colorful kernels hued in red, green, and white, letting you enjoy this iconic sweet during another festive time of the year when skeletons, skulls, spiders, and ghosts are nowhere to be found. Santa deserves his own version of this favorite too, don't you think?

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