Gummy Teeth

Gummy Teeth Candy: 2KG Bag

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Gummy Baby Dentures Candy: 3KG Bag


What's better than making your friends laugh out loud by flashing them a grin made from gummy teeth candy. These delicious dentures deliver the perfect sight gag as well as a soft, sweet treat flavored like strawberries. Candy Warehouse carries a large selection of gummy body parts, including these tasty tusks from brands such as Vidal Candies. Choose from full-size fangs or cute mini baby dentures when selecting a sweet concoction that will turn heads as you chew. Complete your vampire costume with tasty teeth gummies that quench your cravings, just be careful who you choose to bite as you could leave a sugary trail from your soft and chewy gums. Buy these delectable candy dentures in bulk from Candy Warehouse and share the fun and laughter when hanging out with friends or hosting a humorous get-together.

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