Gummy Penguins

Efrutti Black & White Gummy Penguins Candy: 1KG Bag

29 Reviews

3D Gummy Animals Candy Bags: 10-Piece Set


It's easy to see why gummy penguins make a perfectly adorable and sweet accompaniment to a party focused on aquatic animals. Kids will go wild for these dimensional flightless bird candies available from Candy Warehouse in their classic black and white tuxedos or a vibrant color that begs to be eaten. Nothing is more iconic than the contrasting black and white palette of eFrutti's peachy penguins gummy candy. This juicy jolt of flavor bursts into your mouth with the very first bite. These stodgy little soldiers make the perfect cupcake topper, perfect for enjoying after the bakery bundle is long gone. Perk up the cuteness of a child's birthday party with penguin gummy candy from Candy Warehouse. Fill candy dishes or gift bags with these delightfully delicious chews that are almost too cute to eat..almost.

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