Gummy Pigs

Sour Gummy Piglets: 2KG Bag

5 Reviews

Pink Gummy Piglets: 1KG Bag

1 Review

Gustaf's Pink Gummy Pigs: 1KG Bag

5 Reviews

So sweet and so soft, the gummy pigs candy you can buy from Candy Warehouse almost make you squeal with delight after each bite. The perfect shade of pink, these little portly pork-shaped candies add a charming hue to candy dishes and glass jars, making them ideal for baby showers and little kids' birthday parties. Luscious fruit-flavored pig gummy candy from brands like Gustaf's and Gerrit J. Verburg in the Netherlands are ready to ship from Candy Warehouse. Little fluffy chews shaped like the sweetest swine come in fruit flavors like raspberry or strawberry with a mouth-puckering sour dusting. With deliciousness as divine as this, there's no way you'll want bacon! Make sure to order plenty of these tiny piglets from Candy Warehouse so no one at your party will feel like they have to hog them to get their share!

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