Gummy Skeletons

Giant 1-Pound Skeleton Gummy Bear - Grape


Halloween parties, tween and teen shindigs, or medical-themed get-togethers all call for the bone-exposing, sinister sweetness of gummy skeleton candy. From an oversized, grape-flavored gummy bear skeleton that look like they've been caught in an x-ray machine to spooky gummy skulls, Candy Warehouse has the ghoulish goodies you want most to put a serious scare into your party guests. There are no cute and cuddly gelled teddies here! Instead, bring loads of bone-chilling fun to any fiesta with loose-jointed, freakishly giant bears that sport their skeletons on the outside for all to see. Deliciously devious, these sweet treats from brands like Yumy Yumy are available now from Candy Warehouse, so you can showcase the foreboding glee of skeletal confections during all your frightful festivities.

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