Car Shaped Candy

Formula 1 Racer Candy Filled Race Cars: 12-Piece Box


Madelaine Foiled Milk Chocolate Race Cars: 60-Piece Display

8 Reviews

Sweet Buggy Candy Filled Cars: 12-Piece Box


Foiled Chocolate Sports Cars: 120-Piece Box

2 Reviews

Sweet Racer Candy Filled Race Cars: 12-Piece Box

1 Review

Disney Cars and Planes PEZ Candy Packs: 12-Piece Display


Madelaine Foiled Milk Chocolate Mini Cars: 100-Piece Display


Foiled Milk Chocolate Race Cars: 36-Piece Display


Add some muscle to any party or celebration with bright and colorful car candy. At Candy Warehouse, you’ll find chocolate cars made out of candy to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. We also offer a fantastic selection of candy cars that combine sweets and toys. These dispensers are packed with tasty treats, and they also make for fun toys. These sweets aren’t just for kids, either – they’ll add plenty of horsepower and delight to parties for auto lovers of any age. Looking for a way to make a birthday cake extra-special? Top it with candy car decorations for a realistic touch. Our dispensers are available in 12-packs ideal for packing goodie bags, while our other sweets are available in bulk options to save you some money when stuffing a pinata or getting ready for a big party.

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