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Gummy & Chewy Candy

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In the beginning, there was the jelly baby and the gummy bear, the gumdrop and the sugar plum. Then, in 1981, the gummy worm was introduced and the gummy universe exploded into a million squishy, gummy shapes and flavors like gummy fish and gummy spiders. With more than 400 gummy and jelly delights right here in our selection of bulk gummy and jelly candies, you’re guaranteed to find chewy gummy delights to tantalize your taste buds.
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Gummy & Jelly Candy

Sweet Little Nothings

Across the city, the chef was called a genius. Newspapers gave his "trendy and edgy, yet timeless" bistro (named The Bistro), 5-star ratings. He was even in talks about his own reality TV show (which was to be called "The Bistro"). But tonight, he was planning something truly grand and avant-garde. He had heard a rumor that one of the top reviewers would be sneaking into The Bistro, and it was time to show off his creativity. Word on the street was that this reviewer had a major sweet tooth, and lived for all things chewy. He reached into his pantry and pulled out a large cardboard box labeled Candy Warehouse.

He spotted the reviewer immediately, even underneath her large straw hat and gigantic sunglasses. He walked up to the table and presented her with his three-course meal, starting with a Giant Gummy Cola Bottle beverage. She gasped. For an appetizer, he served Gummy Cheeseburgers and Gummy Hotdogs. The main course was sliced Swedish Fish topped with Gummy Fried Eggs and a side of Peas and Carrots Candy. And for a dessert? Gummy Fruit Salad with a side of White Coconut Fruit Jell Candy Slices, dipped in a Hershey Chocolate Fondue.

"Revolutionary!" the reviewer exclaimed, scribbling excitedly in her notebook as she munched on another Gummy Strawberry.

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