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Life Savers were introduced in 1912 by candy maker, Clarence Crane, and continue to be a “hole lot of fun” for generations of candy-lovers everywhere. It all began when Crane shifted away from his maple sugaring business to become a chocolatier, and soon discovered chocolate was challenging to keep and sell in the summer months due to lack of refrigeration. Looking for an alternative, Crane came across a pharmaceutical machine used to make pills and realized he could create mints in a round shape with a novel hole in the center. After selling his formula to a New York-based candy maker, the mints hit the market under the name, Pep-O-Mint LifeSavers candy, and were placed by cash registers at various businesses for a cost of five cents. After many company acquisitions, these iconic treats are now sold under the Mars, Inc brand.

Although Life Savers flavor selections have changed over the years, with flavors like anise and menthol introduced and quickly discontinued, the original five flavors of Cherry, Raspberry, Watermelon, Orange, and Pineapple continue to hold firm. Currently, hard candies are also available in Butter Rum, Wild Cherry, Hawaiian Fruits, Fruiteria, a 5 Flavor Sugar Free version, and a Variety mix. Gummies come in 5 Flavor, Neons, Exotics, Collisions, Sours, Wild Berries, and Coolers, and LifeSavers Mints include Wint O Green, Pep O Mint, Spear O Mint, Orange, Cherry Lemonade, Strawberry Apple, as well as Sugar Free Pep O Mint and Wint O Green varieties. For over a century, these little round candies have rescued your taste buds with their burst of intense flavors, bringing a moment of sweet sanity to your crazy-busy day. Bring a “hole lot of fun” into your life with the vast selection of these iconic sweets from your online candy store with more, Candy Warehouse!