Peppermint LifeSavers

LifeSavers Mint Singles - Pep-O-Mint: 44-Ounce Bag

7 Reviews

LifeSavers Sugar Free Mint Singles - Pep-O-Mint: 240-Piece Case

3 Reviews

LifeSavers Mint Candy Rolls - Pep-O-Mint: 20-Piece Pack

2 Reviews

LifeSavers Mint Singles - Pep-O-Mint: 1000-Piece Case

5 Reviews

LifeSavers Wint-O-Green and Pep-O-Mint Mini Candy Canes: 40-Piece Box


LifeSavers Hard Candy Rolls - Candy Cane Peppermint: 10-Piece Pack

12 Reviews

Imagine the cooling sensation of Peppermint LifeSavers. Just close your eyes and you can be transported to the north pole and feel the cool air as you breathe in. This classic has been a go-to minty snack for decades. Why not go ahead and stock up today? You can get them right here at Candy Warehouse!

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