LifeSavers Candy Canes

LifeSavers Wint-O-Green and Pep-O-Mint Mini Candy Canes: 40-Piece Box


LifeSavers Candy Canes - Butter Rum: 12-Piece Box

3 Reviews

LifeSavers Candy Canes - Wint-O-Green: 12-Piece Box

5 Reviews

Bring on the holiday cheer with an assortment of LifeSavers candy canes coming in an array of delicious flavors! Great for decorating your Christmas tree, giving out at holiday parties, or for passing along a sweet message to customers, these treats offer long-lasting flavor with the classic, twisted stripe design. Choose from tasty options like Wint-O-Green, Pep-O-Mint, and Butter Rum, or stock up on multiple LifeSaver candy cane flavors to give each sweet-tooth their preference! Our selection of mini LifeSaver candy canes comes in a box containing a 40-piece mix of two flavors, making the sweet decision even more enjoyable. Explore a wide range of bulk candy for holidays, parties, and other occasions when you shop online at Candy Warehouse!

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