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Haribo, a candy company founded by the German candy maker, Hans Riegel, began in a small house with just a sack of sugar, a marble block, a stool, a brick oven, a copper kettle, and a roller. From such humble beginnings, Riegel innovated the industry with his invention of a bear-shaped gummy which he dubbed, the Dancing Bear. This creation would later be named the Haribo Gold Bears and set the mold of which all other gummy bears would follow.

This company has gone on to produce America’s number one gummy candy, in flavors and shapes as varied as the imagination. These chewy treats are available in sugar free, and sour gummies, as well as the classic Gold Bears in white, which is the flavor of Pineapple, green flavored like Strawberry, yellow color for Lemon, orange for Orange, and red for Raspberry. Shapes are as fun as it gets with dinosaurs, frogs, and snakes as well as Vampire Bats for Halloween, Happy Hoppers Bunnies and Carrots for Easter or festive and cute red and white bears for Christmas. For birthday parties, office meetings, conferences or just for a chewy sweet snack, Candy Warehouse has the bulk Haribo gummy bears you are looking for at affordable prices.