Haribo Frogs

Haribo Gummy Frogs Candy: 3.75LB Box

12 Reviews

Haribo Gummy Mini Frogs: 3.75LB Box

1 Review

Ready to hop right into your mouth and satisfy any sugary craving you have, Haribo frogs are a cute and tasty treat for all ages! While these candies don’t croak, they do make a statement in any candy bowl or as a colorful topper to your favorite ice cream dessert! Made with half-sticky and half-foam candy, these fruity treats are a tropical getaway in chewy, bite-sized form. Shop the classic Haribo gummy frogs in green and white and experience a peach flavor that’ll have you licking your lips and reaching for more immediately. Or, choose the mini rainbow frogs in assorted colors and flavors for a new spin on a classic. You won’t turn into a prince anytime soon with flavors like strawberry, raspberry, lemon, and orange to satisfy your taste buds! Shop these gummy candy croakers today at Candy Warehouse and get those taste buds singing, “Ribbit!”

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