Haribo Cherries

Haribo Gummy Happy Cherries: 3.75LB Box

1 Review

Haribo Gummy Twin Cherries Candy: 5LB Bag

10 Reviews

Haribo Gummy Sour Cherries Candy: 5LB Bag


Say hello to Haribo cherries! This sweet fruit was made famous after George Washington allegedly cut down a tree-full with a hatchet he received as a boy, as you probably learned in elementary school. But, what if we told you that your favorite treat just turned a little sweeter? Haribo Cherry Gummies are a fun play on the classic fruit: shaped just like the real thing (stems included!) this gummy candy is a delectable alternative to your favorite sundae topping. Grab a handful of Twin Cherries for yourself, or share them with a crowd on movie night and beyond. Don’t forget to try out the sour version, too! Coated in a sweet dusting of sugar, these treats will make your mouth pucker up at the same time you exclaim, “Mmmm!” Shop the latest options from Candy Warehouse today, now available in 5-pound bags that are sure to please a crowd.

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