Walnuts - Halves Light: 22LB Case

Walnuts - Halves Light: 22LB Case - Candy Warehouse

Walnuts - Halves Light: 22LB Case

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So you’ve embarked on the journey to find the fountain of youth. Well, you don’t need to meet with beauty gurus in a faraway land. All you need is this bag of walnuts. These crunchy and oily nuts are not only appetizing, but they're also like a treasure chest of vitamins, minerals, fats, and antioxidants. Oh, but these aren’t like the antioxidants that are found in other nuts. These antioxidants are much more powerful. Their names are Quinone Juglone, Tannin Tellimagrandin, and Flavonol Morin. Are they too long to commit to memory? Well just think of them as an age-fighting trio that gets rid of the bad guys. Who might these villains be? They’re free radicals. To put it simply, they wreak havoc on your youthful appearance. So put a stop to them with a handful of nuts that offer flavorful protection.

Case contains 22 pounds of Light Walnut Halves Nuts.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 23 lbs.

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