Nut Warehouse

Dried Pineapple Fruit Slices: 11LB Case


Peanuts - Spanish Raw: 1LB Bag


Chocolate Chips - Caramel Balls - Cashews - Cranberries - Raisins Trail Mix: 25LB Case


Walnuts - Pieces Nuggets: 30LB Case


Pecans - Raw Halves: 30LB Case


Walnuts - Halves and Pieces: 25LB Case


Walnuts - Halves and Pieces Light: 25LB Case


Walnuts - Pieces Light & Dark: 30LB Case


Peanuts - Spanish Raw: 30LB Case

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Walnuts - Halves Light: 22LB Case


Peanuts - Spanish Roasted: 25LB Case


Peanuts - Spanish Roasted and Salted: 25LB Case


Peanuts - Chile: 25LB Case


Peanuts - Honey Roasted: 25LB Case


Peanuts - Chile Lemon: 25LB Case


Peanuts - Raw and Blanched: 30LB Case


Pine Nuts: 27.5LB Bag


Pepitas Nuts - Roasted & Salted: 20LB Case


Brazil Nuts - Shelled Raw: 44LB Bag


Filbert Nuts -Raw: 25LB Case


Nut Warehouse is here to satisfy all of your crunchiest, nuttiest dreams! If you’re an avid snacker, you’ll know that there are few things in life as immensely satisfying as savory, tasty nuts. Oh yes, whether you’ve got a penchant for honey roasted peanuts or can’t get enough trail mix, we’ve got something for you right here. At Candy Warehouse, we hear you loud and clear. It just so happens that we’re absolutely nuts about nuts too. That’s why we’ve got all the freshest bulk nuts you could possibly imagine all in one place. We’re talking beauties such as walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, Brazil nuts, and oh-so-much more. Whatever type of snack your heart desires, we can make that a reality in mere seconds. The next time you’re craving some peanut candy, shuffle yourself over to our page and take a look at our selection. You’ll never be disappointed here!

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