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Nerds Candy

In our humble opinion, it has always been cool to be a nerd. Sure, they might be tiny in size, but they’re sweet through and through with a hint of tangy spunk. And yes, nerds do rule the world figuratively and literally. Think Steve Jobs, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla — ahh and the little candy morsels that have completely captivated your sweet tooth. We told you, nerdiness has always been cool and powerfully sweet. With Nerds candy, embrace your nerdish side and satisfy your sweet tooth!

Launched in the 1980s, Nerds candy was a part of millions of childhoods. Originally created by the candy master himself, Willy Wonka, the brand would be taken over by Nestle. While the ownership changed, the fun personality and taste stayed the same. With the fun colors and great taste, it is no wonder they quickly became a fan favorite on the candy scene. The mascots of this candy helped them gain a following as well with their bouncy and playful personalities. Whether you love this sugary treat for the taste, the fun of eating it, or the memories it brings back from your childhood, Nerds candy is a staple for any sweets fan!

We offer lots of great ways to get your inner Nerd on with this fun treat. Part of what has always made Nerds candy so popular is that you can get two flavors at once with each flavor housed in its own compartment. If you wanted to taste grape and then taste strawberry, you could without the two flavors intermingling. Of course, for those free-spirited candy eaters, you can also get a mixed-up option for a taste sensation like never before. While we all think of Nerds candy as small little pieces, there is more to this zany brand than meets the eye. From their jelly beans to their gumballs, there are a lot of options. One of the most popular and playful are the ropes. These sweet treats are fun to eat for kids and adults of all ages. Find your inner Nerd today with these fun sweets!
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