Nerds Mini Boxes

Nerds Candy 2-Flavor Packs - Strawberry & Grape: 36-Piece Box

3 Reviews

Nerds Candy 2-Flavor Packs - Watermelon & Cherry: 36-Piece Box

1 Review

Nerds Strawberry & Grape Candy Packs: 30-Piece Bag

9 Reviews

Pink & White Nerds Candy Packs: 36-Piece Bag

10 Reviews

Nerds Mixed Bulk Candy Assortment: 125-PC Bag


Nerds Candy Snack Size Packs: 500-Piece Case

3 Reviews

Spooky Nerds Candy Packs: 50-Piece Bag

4 Reviews

Mega Candy Super Tube Bank - Nerds


Grape and Strawberry Nerds Candy: 12-Ounce Giant Box


Nerds In Disguise Valentine Candy Packs: 36-Piece Bag

1 Review

Nerds Candy 2-Flavor Packs - Guava and Mango Chile: 24-Piece Box

1 Review

Nerds Lucha Grande Candy Snack Size Packs in 3-Ounce Bags - Guava and Mango Chile: 24-Piece Box


Nerds Candy 2-Flavor Packs - Lime and Pineapple: 24-Piece Box


Prepare your taste buds for the invigorating contents of Nerds mini boxes! These small boxes may appear to hold only a taste of candy, but each tiny container is packed with a huge burst of sweet and sour fruity flavors. Coming in options like strawberry, wild cherry, orange, punch, grape, guava, and chili lime, each Nerds mini box boasts a combination of tangy and sweet, crunchy nibbles, perfect for sharing with friends or pouring directly into your mouth! Choose from our bulk 36-, 50-, and 500-piece bags to stock up for an upcoming event, birthday celebration, or holiday party. Gear up for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or anytime with an assortment of Nerds candy mini boxes in bulk from Candy Warehouse!

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