Nerds Squishy Candy Pillow

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Nerds Squishy Candy Pillow

Item No: 129588 Brand: Nerds Type: Candy Fashion Candy Gifts Discontinued

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A warning to all jocks: if you buy this pillow, the Nerds will have their revenge in your dreams. All that lunch money you purloined will hardly be worth it when this outsized candy comfort object causes carnage comparable only to, well, reality. Imagine an infinite army of the cute, armless Nerds as depicted on the box – only they’re slowly chasing you like so many adorably sweet grape and strawberry zombies with a hint of sour tang. This fun little hug-able pillow might just be waiting for you to fall asleep. Made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex and filled with 100% polystyrene beads.

Pillow Dimensions (Inches): 16 x 10

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.

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