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The Mexican candy online at Candy Warehouse will fulfill your desire for sweet treats that are deliciously different from the usual. Candies and confections created in Mexico have a longstanding tradition of being some of the most varied in taste, texture, and flavor. Sweet and sour, bold and tangy, or even sweet with a touch of spice are all available to tempt your taste buds and turn an ordinary day into a fiesta for the senses. Before traversing south of the border in search of where to buy bulk Mexican candy, check out the wide variety of wholesale Mexican candy right here at our ultimate online tienda de golosinas and enjoy the best Mexico has to offer every day of the week!

Candy Warehouse has the largest selection of unique sweets on the planet and ensures outstanding quality and safety with our climate-controlled warehouse and first-class inventory control. We carry delectable delights like caramel, chili, and tamarindo candy from companies like Jovy, Lucas, Del La Rosa, and our experienced call center representatives are here to answer any questions you have about the full line of el dulce and make sure your order is as sweet as it can be!

Candy Flavored by History and Tradition

Ancient cultural influence is still found in traditional Mexican candy, the roots of which go back for centuries. Chocolate, which comes from cocoa beans, a worldwide favorite used in everything from candy and desserts to martini's, is a food item that originated in Mexico. The ancient Aztec people believed cocoa was a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl and mixed it with spices such as chili peppers to add flavor to the bitter tasting bean. Sugar wasn't used in Mexican food until the Europeans brought it over as they began to invade the territory. Thousands of years ago, the only sugar substance that was used to make "sweets" was honey, and this was mixed with seeds or corn and used in religious ceremonies. As a result, many of the early candies weren't all that sweet, as they were flavored with naturally occurring spices and herbs. It wasn't until sugar came into the picture that traditional recipes started to include this sweetener.

One tasty delight from the early Mexicans was tziktli, also known as chicle. Chicle is a chewing gum made from trees and was used to stave off hunger and keep teeth clean. You can still find this traditional chewing gum at Candy Warehouse in tutti-frutti flavor, and available in a rainbow of colors. Another favorite treat found south of the border is derived from the tamarind fruit and offers a sour twist to the sweet and spicy flavors of traditional Mexican candies. We have everything from tamarindo gummies to chili-filled tamarind hard candy to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your curiosity.

How Mexican Candy Is Made

Many Mexican candies are still created from naturally sourced ingredients. Traditional marzipan is made with peanuts, and some sweet and spicy candies are still derived from the pulp of the all-natural tamarind fruit. This area of the world is so alive with culture, and the food choices are infused with such intense and satisfying flavor, it's not a surprise this influence is seen, and tasted, in the marvelous candies Mexico has to offer. From gummy candy made from natural chili flakes to all-natural and gluten-free lollipops in wildly delectable flavors like Tabasco, mango, and lime, you'll find the best Mexican candy selection right here at Candy Warehouse.

Spice Up Your Fiesta With These Traditional Mexican Candies

Nothing adds flair to a party like the right confections, and what better way to celebrate the next birthday blow-out or no-holds-barred Cinco de Mayo celebration than with authentic candy from Mexico. Load your child‚s pinata with real pinata candy and watch their eyes light up with surprise! Many traditional holidays observed in Mexico have a specific candy to go along with the festivities.

During the yearly Day of the Dead ceremony, those who have passed on are honored with elaborately painted skulls made of hardened sugar. These skulls were not eaten but placed on the final resting place of loved ones. For those who want to honor this tradition, Candy Warehouse has skull-themed candy toppers and other sweets available to recreate this historic holiday.

For festive celebrations of Las Posadas or the Christmas season, you can find chocolate layered sweet hazelnut candy bars to offer adult guests, as well as seasonally-themed pinatas to load with bulk Mexican candy for the children.

During Easter, a Semana Santa celebration wouldn't be the same without Tabasco flavored jelly beans or a handful of real Mexican chicles to chew on.

With our online Candy Buffet Builder, you can take the guesswork out of planning your party and find the information you need to buy just the right amount of Mexican candy for your guests. For all your events, from wedding showers to elegant parties, Candy Warehouse is the online Mexican candy store that has everything you need to create the party of the century in one convenient place.

Why Order Your Mexican Candy From Candy Warehouse

Aside from being one of the largest Mexican candy stores online, with over 1 million customers served, Candy Warehouse has real, authentic Mexican candy, made in Mexico. You can be assured that these selections are the candy you remember from childhood or will be your new favorite once you try them. Our authentic caramel candy, chili candy, and Tamarindo candy will be the center of attention at your next party, and if you ever have questions on what to order or how much, our experienced call center representatives are here to help. Or, for the avid do-it-yourselfer, our candy calculator and buffet builder tools on our website will make party planning easy!

Our motto is "Fresh Candy Shipped Fast," and we take that very seriously by having clean, well-stocked, well-organized, and temperature-controlled warehouses, as well as ensuring product integrity by providing FREE gel ice packs with expedited orders of products that might melt in transit. Our Mexican candy selections offer taste sensations that will be a fiesta of flavor for your taste buds. Disfruta la fiesta! (translation-enjoy the party!)