Pelon Pelo Rico

Pelon Pelo Rico Tamarind Candy Dispensers: 36-Piece Display

4 Reviews

Giant Pelon Pelonazo Tamarind Candy Dispensers: 4-Piece Display

4 Reviews

Pelon Pico Sitos Candy Powder Dispensers: 10-Piece Tray

3 Reviews

If you’re craving international, new, south of the border sweets, try Pelon Pelo Rico novelty treats. These goodies double as both a snack and a toy and are so fun to eat! This traditional Mexican candy is perfect for those spicy lovers who can handle a little heat. We offer Mexican candies in classic flavors like tamarind and chili that come in either jelly or powdered form. Tamarind candy is a perfect mix of hot and tangy flavors that will leave your mouth watering. Squeeze out this soft snack and get a blend of sweet tamarind and spicy chili flavors in the form of spaghetti strings as they ooze out of these fun dispensers. Or pour out some crystals from the powder dispensers and get ready for a burst of sour and spice in your mouth. These flavorful snacks are definitely something you won’t forget. Buy now at Candy Warehouse.

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