Salt Water Taffy

Now and Later Soft Fruit Chews Candy Packs - Fruit Stand: 24-Piece Box

1 Review

Brach's Salt Water Taffy Candy: 7LB Bag

1 Review

Now and Later Soft Taffy Squares - Banana: 120-Piece Tub

6 Reviews

Now and Later Fruit Chews Candy Packs - Original: 24-Piece Box

2 Reviews

Pink with White Swirls Taffy: 3LB Bag

23 Reviews

Pink with White Center Taffy: 3LB Bag

26 Reviews

Salt Water Taffy - Gingerbread: 5LB Bag


Flipsticks Nougat Taffy Candy - Strawberry: 48-Piece Caddy

2 Reviews

Flipsticks Nougat Taffy Candy - Grape: 48-Piece Caddy

2 Reviews

Flipsticks Nougat Taffy Candy - Assorted Flavors: 185-Piece Tub


Flipsticks Nougat Taffy Candy - Sour Apple: 48-Piece Caddy


Flipsticks Nougat Taffy Candy - Blue Raspberry: 48-Piece Caddy

3 Reviews

Flipsticks Nougat Taffy Candy - Banana: 48-Piece Caddy

2 Reviews

Flipsticks Nougat Taffy Candy - Cherry: 48-Piece Caddy

5 Reviews

Vanilla Salt Water Taffy: 3LB Bag

33 Reviews
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If you're on a quest to find the best salt water taffy, you've come to the right place. Our selection includes a variety of old-fashioned brands in an assortment of mouth-pleasing flavors. Before you choose your favorites, why not learn a little more about the history of salt water taffy? We're not quite sure how this sweet and chewy confection got its salty seasoning. One popular theory credits a massive storm that flooded a small New Jersey candy shop. Seawater soaked the regular stock, and customers fell in love with the flavor. By 1886, Fralinger's and James Candy Company were making and packaging the iconic treats on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Both companies are still in operation today, along with dozens of other chewy confection creators who offer a wide range of tempting taffy flavors. Indulge with sweet caramel corn, cantaloupe, and banana split, or excite your taste buds with unique tastes such as maple bacon, chili mango, and extreme hot varieties. We have assortments from Brach's, Flipsticks, Airheads, and more to keep your sweet tooth happy. Buy your favorite salt water taffy in bulk at Candy Warehouse.

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