It’s Official! Skittles DIPS Yogurt-Covered Candy Is on Its Way to the US!

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The fruity, chewy, and rainbow-colored little bits of sheer delight known as Skittles are set to come to an online or local store near you wearing a new yogurt-flavored cloak of deliciousness, and the news has candy fans bouncing off the walls of Facebook and other social media sites in excitement.

Skittles DIPS, which are already standard fare across the pond in the UK, are heading our way and expected to land on store shelves sometime in 2020. These new candies are the same fabulous fruity flavored candy you know and love, only with a yogurt candy-coated shell, and according to Delish, the media mecca for foodies everywhere, they will come in the original five flavors of strawberry, orange, grape, green apple, and lemon. However, we might have to wait and see on that claim, as the DIPS packaging sold in the United Kingdom features different flavors, including strawberry, lime, orange, lemon, and blackcurrant.

Skittles, which is owned by Mars Incorporated, debuted in Britain circa 1974, then made its way to the United States in 1979, and it has been a “taste of the rainbow” sensation ever since. This rise to fame hasn’t come without controversy, as rumors once circulated among consumers that these vibrant candies are all the same flavor, just in different colors. The Mars company vehemently denied this claim and reassured confused Skittles lovers that the candy they adore is indeed true to the flavors they say they are.

In a Facebook postdated August 20th, the company announced their “fanciest Skittles yet are being hand-delivered to a store near you,” garnering over a thousand comments from enthusiastic followers.

Although most were super-positive, some with milk allergies typed out concerns that this new yogurt covered candy would be on their “do not eat” list, and raised concerns about cross-contamination, asking if these new candies are manufactured in the same facility as the original. Mars representatives explained, “dips are made in a separate location from the regular variety, so, no other Skittles product will be affected by the allergens contained in this launch.”  Other running comments joked about how the “sharing size” is an oxymoron because no one really wants to “share” their Skittles.

It looks like we will have to wait just a bit longer to decide if Skittles DIPS is just as “not sharable” as the original. With the popularity they have across the pond, most likely American fruit-flavored candy connoisseurs will be buying these yogurt creations in bulk, just in case “not sharing” is not an option!


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