M&M’s Newest Flavor Coming Soon! Get Ready for Brownie Fudge in 2020

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A deep dark delicious secret is about to be revealed in stores and online, and a nation of brownie lovers are soon to be “woke” by a luscious M&M’s flavor that promises to be out of this world delish! In an August 20th tweet on Twitter, M&M’s teased adoring candy fans with this announcement, “a little bite of delicious is coming your way. Get ready for M&M’s Fudge Brownie coming April 2020!” This simple little sentence rallied hundreds of retweets and likes with commenters begging for this fudgy, candy-coated taste of heaven to hit the stores immediately because they just can’t wait one minute longer!

Food blogger @junkfoodleaks told tales of this soon to be released candy in an Instagram post describing this new treat as a normal-looking but slightly bigger M&M, much like the peanut version, only with a full-on legit brownie under its candy shell that leaves you feeling like you just ate an entire pan of these baked confections, only without the calories, or the guilt.

This latest creation from the confectionary geniuses at Mars follows other flavor releases in 2019 including Hazelnut Spread flavor and English Toffee, the winner of the 2019 M&M’s flavor vote contest which beat out Mexican Jalapeño and Thai Coconut by popular vote.

This fudgy, chocolatey little round nugget of candy-coated goodness is going to be pure bliss to those who even remotely adore the texture and flavor of fudge brownies and would make a fabulous add-in to an ice cream mixer or a mouthwatering addition to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. The possibilities are seemingly endless, and so is the wait for these tidbits of joy to hit the market! No doubt, the struggle is real! But knowing M&M’s, these fudge brownie candies will be worth the wait!

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