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Foiled Wrapped Chocolate

402 Products

Individually wrapped foil candies make ordinary chocolates into extraordinary treats. Great for candy dishes, display jars, Christmas stockings and party favors, we invite you to explore our magical world of Metallic Foil Wrapped Chocolates, where everything from coins to cats are crinkly and shiny on the outside, but smooth, rich and mouthwateringly delicious on the inside.

Sweet Little Nothings

Let’s face it, your last birthday party was a bit of a bust. To start with, you sent out invitations with the wrong address. Many of your guests simply went home after being yelled at by Mrs. Foggleberry (of all the addresses, you had to direct guests to the grumpiest neighbor on the block?). The ones who did figure it out were disappointed to arrive to your house and see that you were throwing a temper tantrum because your Great Aunt Sally had accidentally tripped and sent your cake flying. Those names you called her! And then you brought out the snacks- celery sticks and little pieces of burnt toast. You tried to call them "Tasty Toast Squares"! Needless to say, many of your party-goers ventured back over to Mrs. Foggleberry’s to see what was going on over there.

This year the party’s going to be different. You hired a professional invitation designer, left dear Aunt Sally off the guest list (she’ll never get past the bouncer), and even paid Old Foggleberry to leave town (to ensure there’d be no competition). But the biggest difference? The snacks. You ordered a huge shipment of foiled chocolate candies. Everything from Chocolate Poker Chips to Ghirardelli Deluxe Chocolate Squares. After all, no one can resist something that’s chocolate and shiny. Foiled candies are party fare at its finest.