Chocolate Italian

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls: 48-Piece Box

12 Reviews

Madelaine Gold Foiled Figaro Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles: 5LB Box

7 Reviews

Silver Chocolate Hearts: 1LB Bag

13 Reviews

Ferrero Raffaello Candy Balls: 15-Piece Box

7 Reviews

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls: 24-Piece Box


Ferrero Rocher Chocolates Collection: 24-Piece Box


Perugina Baci Chocolates: 28-Piece Gift Box

3 Reviews

Grand Ferrero Rocher Giant Chocolate Ball

1 Review

Necco PAAS Sky Bar Milk Chocolate Caramel Eggs: 24-Piece Display


Gold Amorini Chocolate Hearts: 1LB Bag

1 Review

Italy is known throughout the world for its distinctive cuisine, and Italian chocolate candy is no exception! We have Italy to thank for some of our favorite weekday staples (think pizza, spaghetti, and lasagna), but we never give Italian candy its due. We're out to change that! From the same nation that brought us Nutella, Italy has a wide and tasty array of sweets to offer, and we've collected some of our favorites so you can find them all in one easy place! Candy Warehouse boasts a wide selection of delicious choices from the best Italian chocolate brands, including Ferrero Rocher, Di Matteo Confetti, and Baci Perugina. Find exactly what you're looking for in this collection of bulk Italian chocolates at Candy Warehouse!

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