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Feeling nostalgic? Here at Candy Warehouse, we continually crave those classics from childhood. It sure was sweet to be a ‘90s kid! From Spice Girls to yo-yos and Wayne’s World, the Nineties were a time of peace, prosperity, and sweetness. To make it easier for our customers to find all the 1990s candy they loved to eat, we’ve compiled some of the best-selling sweets from the precipice of the millennium. Shopping for your favorite Millennial? Look no further than our classic candy gift box, a flashback in candy form! Our gift pack includes selections from Skittles®, Push Pop®, Nerds®, Airheads®, and so much more. Browse our selection today to stock up on all your favorite candy from the 1990s.

Whether you spent most of your time playing with overpriced bottle caps at recess or making sure your Tamagotchi was fed, our collection of 90s candy will take your taste buds for a trip down memory lane. For whatever reason, ‘90s kids were preoccupied with gummies that looked like real food. Our eFrutti® selection features all those gummy hot dogs, burgers, pizzas, and more – no preparation required. Create architectural masterpieces at snack time with edible building blocks by Candy Blox® in flavorful raspberry, banana, cherry, and lime.

Where in the world was Carmen Sandiego? We’re still not sure, but nothing piqued our curiosities more than what was inside that Wonder Ball®. Each hollow chocolate shell contains a small figurine. Will it be a sweet stampede leading to prehistoric beasts or a chocolatey endeavor to sugary Disney characters? Only you can decide! Warheads® were equally prized for their shock factor as they were for their terrifically tangy flavor. We offer extreme sour hard candy packs in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. Take a walk on the wild side with sour powder candy test tubes, popping powder candy packs, or a tub of seriously sour candy.

When cell phones were the size of bricks and you collected gel pens or Pokémon cards, the candy was downright delicious. Register an account online and you can store multiple addresses, track orders, and make the next checkout process faster. If you have any questions about our selection of candy from the 90s, please contact a member of our customer support team for further assistance.