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Old Fashioned Candy & Retro Sweets

1300 Products

Find old fashioned candy you enjoyed as a child right here. The local store doesn’t carry these old time candy favorites anymore but we do! They might be retro but at Candy Warehouse the classics are always fresh. Treat yourself or share a sweet memory with a childhood friend and send them a nostalgic candy surprise today!

Remember going to the corner store to pick out your favorite penny candy? wants to recreate all the sweetest experiences from childhood, and our old-fashioned candy selection is the perfect place to start. We carry many of the same brands you enjoyed as a kid, including NECCO®, Brach’s®, Pixy Stix®, Charms®, and other confectionery masterminds. Our old school candy selection features favorites from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, so you can find the perfect gift for any upcoming birthday or throw a themed party with your favorite decade at the forefront. We’ve helped thousands of customers plan weddings, receptions, birthdays, corporate events, and much more. Browse our old candy selection to stock up on all the old-time candy classics or discover a retro surprise.

Looking to stock the pantry for Halloween, visits from grandchildren, or for occasional snacking? We carry a wide variety of Hammond’s old candy, including their classic lemon drops, licorice drops, sour balls, root beer drops, and so much more. Load up on sugar with the help of our Pixy Stix® collection. We carry all the candy powder straws you remember guzzling in the back seat of your parent’s car or while waiting for the school bus. Each sweet stick is full of enough colorful sugar to keep you going for hours on end! Explore our variety of taffy, thin ribbon candy, lollipops, root beer barrels, bubblegum, caramels, and other bite-sized delights.

Swing by the soda fountain and explore our old fashioned candy, including dozens of delicious stick flavors: root beer, lemon, licorice, bubblegum, butterscotch, passion fruit, sassafras, and so much more. Rock candy is another best-selling form of nostalgic sentimentalism. Each tongue-dazzling crystal stick could serve as a decorative delicacy at your next party or get together. You’ll feel just like James Dean while enjoying the chalky goodness of an old-fashioned candy cigarette. Kick the habit – these retro favorites are even cooler than the real thing! Place a delicious spin on your wedding’s photo booth props with wax lips, mustaches, and vampire fangs. If you have any questions about our old time candy selection, feel free to contact one of our customer support specialists today. We’ll help you every step of the way!

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Do you have an old candy favorite? Find out what decade your candy classic heralds from!

1950's - Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles, Bubble Gum Cigarettes, Sugar Lips Wax Chewing Gum, Sen-Sen Breath Refreshments, Charms Assorted Squares, Clark Bar, Nestle's Oh Henry Candy Bar, Teaberry Gum, Slo-Poke Jr. Suckers, Candy Buttons, Gold Rocks Nugget Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum Cigars, Necco Chocolate Wafers, Skybar, Cup-o-Gold, Black Licorice Pipes, Necco Assorted Wafers, Abba-Zaba, Mary Janes, Chuckles Jelly Candy, Zagnut Bar, CHoward's Scented Gum, Walnettos, Charms Sweet Pops, and Reeds Root Beer & Butterscotch Candies.