Salt Water Taffy - Fruity Cereal: 2.5LB Bag

Salt Water Taffy - Fruity Cereal: 2.5LB Bag - Candy Warehouse

Salt Water Taffy - Fruity Cereal: 2.5LB Bag

Item No: 129839 Brand: Taffy Town Type: Gluten Free Kosher Taffy Flavor: Liquor

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Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, and loot -- drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

There’s no question about it, besides pillaging and plundering, a pirate’s favorite activity is drinking. And without a doubt, a pirate’s drink of choice is always rum. So what’s a pirate’s favorite taffy? Well, rum flavored, of course!

Try this taffy, fit for even the rowdiest scoundrels of the sea! Rum Salt Water Taffy sounds like something that boisterous buccaneers might concoct in the ship’s galley, but despite its name, the creation of this taffy involves no actual ocean water! Featuring a coral color with swirls of yellow, these candies are crafted with care by Taffy Town Candy. This family-run confection company’s signature whipping process produces a soft textured taffy that simply melts in your mouth. And don’t worry, these chewy morsels are non-alcoholic, so you can eat as many as you want with no fear of a sea-worthy hangover!

There are approximately 65 pieces per pound.

Bag contains 2.5 pounds of Gourmet Rum Salt Water Taffy Candy.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs. Kosher Certified.

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