Pumpkin Pinata

Pumpkin Pinata - Candy Warehouse
Pumpkin Pinata - Candy Warehouse
Pumpkin Pinata - Candy Warehouse
Pumpkin Pinata - Candy Warehouse

Pumpkin Pinata

Item No: 129251 Brand: Party Darby Holiday: Halloween Type: Jars Pinata Pinatas

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Carving pumpkins is an acceptable autumnal pastime. In fact, it’s pretty much expected that you will spend an afternoon sawing a spooky visage into a large orange squash this fall. But as we all know, pumpkin carving isn’t always the fun, relaxing activity it’s imagined to be. Admit it, perfecting your Jack o’ Lantern can be frustrating: Cleaning out the seeds is dirty work, intricate new patterns you’ve been trying to create rarely come out right, and -- worst of all -- sometimes the entire pumpkin just caves right in! By the end of the day, you may feel compelled to take a giant stick to the auburn gourd and bash it open instead of etching a nice face into it.

Although this could be therapeutic, it’s probably not the best idea… pumpkin innards would end up all over the walls, and you’d be left with an even bigger mess than before. However, there is a way to unleash all that pumpkin-targeted rage whilst protecting your real gourds and receiving a better surprise than innards as a result -- a pumpkin piñata! Fill it up with candy, hang it from a tree, and then bash this leering lantern’s countenance until it springs a leak and the treats come tumbling back out! It’s good, clean, candy-filled fun.

(Of course, feel free to let your actual Jack o’lanterns watch; it’ll keep them in line once carving time comes around.)

Pumpkin Dimensions-
Height: 10 Inches
Diameter: 9 Inches

Note: Piñata does NOT include candy, so feel free to fill it with any treat of your choice!

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.

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