Pink Swirl Candy Ornament - 18.5 Inch

Pink Swirl Candy Ornament - 18.5 Inch - Candy Warehouse

Pink Swirl Candy Ornament - 18.5 Inch

Item No: 133004 Brand: Vickerman Type: Candy Props Holiday: Christmas Color: Pink

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Unless you like your indoor Christmas tree decked with giant, foot-and-a-half long baubles, we foresee these over-sized ornaments being employed as adornments for the foliage outside your house instead. Imagine it: marvelous maples, spiffy spruces, and peppy palm trees positively dripping with shiny pink plastic candy wrapper ornaments! Embellished with a sweet swirl of glitter, these giant faux candies dangle dapperly from trees, instantly transforming your entire yard into a candy-themed wonderland! And for the less-outdoorsy types, these ornaments can also be affixed to light fixtures and banisters to add a seasonal spin to any room! They’re great for enhancing a pink-themed party, decorating for Christmas, and attracting Hansel and Gretel… or so we’ve been told.

Ornament Length: 18.5 Inches

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