Twinkle Candy Star Lollipops - Orange: 120-Piece Bag

Twinkle Candy Star Lollipops - Orange: 120-Piece Bag - Candy Warehouse

Twinkle Candy Star Lollipops - Orange: 120-Piece Bag

Item No: 132778 Brand: Twinkle Candy Type: Kosher Color: Orange

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Orion is one of the best known constellations in the night sky, and the distinct, three star pattern of the "belt" is so easy to pick out that this formation has been recognized in numerous cultures and countless myths from ancient times until now. The Greek myth, for which the constellation is still named today, tells the tale of Orion the great hunter. He was the most beautiful of men and the greatest of hunters. Unfortunately, all the praise eventually went to his head, and Orion began to boast about his superiority over all living creatures, annoying the gods with his extremely inflated ego. The gods sent Scorpius the scorpion to kill him as punishment, but the goddess Diana, a longtime fan of the hunter’s, begged he be placed in the sky to be remembered by. The gods agreed, but also placed Scorpius in the stars to warn against future ego crimes. Even in the night sky, Orion refuses to rest anywhere near the giant scorpion, and as such, his constellation dominates the winter skies, with Scorpius being higher and more prominent in the summer.

If you’re a fan of constellations, myths, lollipops, oranges, or any combination of the four, then have we got a candy for you! These orange flavored suckers are shaped like stars and come in a pack large enough to create your very own delicious citrus constellation! Their extra-long sticks make them idea for arranging in a fantastic orange display -- just be sure not to let all the compliments you’ll receive go to your head (or get ready to be on the constant look out for scorpions!).

Sucker Specifications-
Diameter: 1 1/4 Inch
Thickness: 1/4 Inch
Total Length: 12 Inches

Each star is individually wrapped with cellophane.

Bag contains 120 Twinkle Candy Orange Star Lollipops.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs. Kosher Certified.

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