Mermaid Cotton Candy: 12-Piece Box

Mermaid Cotton Candy: 12-Piece Box - Candy Warehouse

Mermaid Cotton Candy: 12-Piece Box

Item No: 132480 Brand: Fun Express

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Let your taste buds enjoy waves of fruit flavors by munching on yummy gummy sea creatures! You’ll get all the fun of being under the sea without having to get your hair wet. These fruity gummies are adorable and so much tastier than the real things, they'll inspire your imagination and delight your senses at the same time! Great for ocean-themed parties or everyday snacks.

Assorted shapes and flavors include-
Seahorse: Strawberry
Fish: Orange
Whale: Blueberry
Octopus: Lime

Unit Price = 0.50/pack.

Bag contains 18 packets of Gummy Ocean Creatures Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.

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