Mermaid Cotton Candy: 12-Piece Box

Mermaid Cotton Candy: 12-Piece Box - Candy Warehouse

Mermaid Cotton Candy: 12-Piece Box

Item No: 132480 Brand: Fun Express

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Dive into a bag of mermaid cotton candy for a mesmerizing snack that will make a believer out of you. The color-coded mermaid candy bags contain a fluffy treasure of light-as-air cotton candy in watermelon, pineapple, and blueberry flavors. For a swimmingly good birthday party treat, send every little mermaid and pirate home with one of these individually wrapped, whimsical bags of spun sugar. This 12-piece box is equally as enchanting when used to adorn candy buffets at baby showers, beach parties, and luaus. Candy Warehouse caters to both seafarers and landlubbers, offering a deep inventory of ocean-themed sweets and aquatic party supplies from Fun Express and hundreds of other popular brands.

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