Giant 3-Ounce Rock Candy Stick: 3-Piece Set

Giant 3-Ounce Rock Candy Stick: 3-Piece Set - Candy Warehouse

Giant 3-Ounce Rock Candy Stick: 3-Piece Set

Item No: 134184 Brand: Candy Warehouse Colors: Assorted Type: Kosher Rock

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Proving there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, we present the Giant 3 ounce Rock Candy Stick. Lovingly crafted by hand in Upstate New York, these artisanal rock candy sticks are 12 inches long for a larger-than-life first impression. Give the blue raspberry, cherry, and white natural sugar candy crystals a starring role as stirring sticks in your favorite craft cocktails. They’re destined to bring big, eye-catching sparkle to every holiday candy buffet you design. Individually wrapped in clear tubes to let the shimmer come shining through, this 3-piece set of Giant Rock Candy Sticks from Candy Warehouse is a show-stopping, scene-stealing addition to every celebration.

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