Fall Leaves Hanging Foil Swirls: 12-Piece Pack

Fall Leaves Hanging Foil Swirls: 12-Piece Pack - Candy Warehouse

Fall Leaves Hanging Foil Swirls: 12-Piece Pack

Item No: 133052 Brand: Party Darby Type: Jars

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The stunning spectacle of leaves falling from the trees in autumn is a magical sight to behold. You can experience the effect in its full glory by booking a trip to a gorge or gulch in Vermont to behold the exquisite fall foliage and feel the wisps of crisp autumn air…

Or you can recreate that deciduous effect indoors with these shiny, colorful foil swirls! Hang them from the ceiling to fashion a faux fall wonderland! Red, gold, and green metallic foil swirls can be suspended from the walls of any room to create a willowy decoration piece. Green, yellow, red, and orange paper cutouts in the shape of fall leaves dangle from the ends of half the foil curls, creating a colorful, season-appropriate appearance. Bring the thrill of autumn indoors with these shiny and splendid decorations!

Pack includes 12 foil swirls:
6 swirls only, measuring 18 inches each
6 with cutouts, measuring 24 inches each

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.

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