Almonds - Butter Toffee: 25LB Case

Almonds - Butter Toffee: 25LB Case - Candy Warehouse

Almonds - Butter Toffee: 25LB Case

Item No: 140065 Brand: Candy Warehouse Flavor: Butter Type: Toffee

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You were craving something healthy, but you also wanted something sweet. Oh the dilemma of being health-conscious with a sweet tooth! Well you can find a crunchy, salty, and nutty middle ground when you grab a bag of these butter toffee almonds. You get all of the health benefits with the vitamins, minerals, and proteins found in nuts and all of the sweet flavor with the hard toffee coating. Perfect for parties, add this sweet and savory treat to candy buffets and watch them dwindle away to in a crowd full of satisfied palates.

Case contains 25 pounds of Butter Toffee Almond Nuts.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 26 lbs.

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