Baby Ruth Mini Size Candy Bars: 25-Piece Bag

Baby Ruth Mini Size Candy Bars: 25-Piece Bag - Candy Warehouse

Baby Ruth Mini Size Candy Bars: 25-Piece Bag

Item No: 134496 Brand: Baby Ruth Flavor: Chocolate Milk Chocolate Type: Gluten Free Kosher

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Next time you’re seized by a snack attack, pop a few Baby Ruth minis into your mouth for fast, delicious relief. They’re the same bodacious Baby Ruth bars that have been delighting candy-craving Americans since 1920 but in a bite-size portion tailor-made for munching. Each mini Baby Ruth bar in this 25-piece bag is brimming with peanuts, rich caramel, and chewy nougat smothered in creamy milk chocolate. Soft, fresh, and flavor-filled Baby Ruth minis from Candy Warehouse are perfect for Halloween trick-or-treaters, Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, and birthday piñatas. Tuck a handful in your purse or backpack; stash a supply in your desk or nightstand. You never know when a snack attack might befall you.

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