Glitter Sequin Ball Spray - Baby Blue: 22 Inch

Glitter Sequin Ball Spray - Baby Blue: 22 Inch - Candy Warehouse

Glitter Sequin Ball Spray - Baby Blue: 22 Inch

Item No: 132958 Brand: Vickerman Color: Blue Type: Candy Props Jars Holiday: Christmas

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Finding your holiday decorations to be severely lacking in bling this year? Well, there are a few ways to correct this less-than-glittery dilemma. For example, you might consider mining for precious stones and then scattering any treasures you collect about your dinner table. Or, you could always plot to steal the crown jewels of Britain and hang them from the mantel place. You can even try hunting down imaginary creatures to shake them free of any sparkly powder. (We hear fairy dust and unicorn horns are full of the shiny stuff!)

But if you’re looking to rock a shimmering display without all that hassle, then why not give one of these baby blue sequin ball sprays a shot? They’re nearly two feet in length, and they’ll sparkle with glittery perfection in the pale winter sunlight! (Note: This characteristic does not apply solely to one specific season or lighting. Sprays will also sparkle in bright winter sunlight, any summer sunlight, indoor lighting, candle lighting, you name it -- these pretty branches are covered in sequins and all-around lustrous!)

So next time you need to fancy up a table decoration, a walkway, or a floral arrangement, choose one of these glittery baby blue sprays that remind us of festive candy balls. The sparkling orbs will light up any room with their dazzling demeanor!

Sequin Spray Height: 22 Inches

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.

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