Australia's Violet Crumble Candy: 8 Piece Box

Australia's Violet Crumble Candy: 8 Piece Box - Candy Warehouse

Australia's Violet Crumble Candy: 8 Piece Box

Item No: 160953 Brand: Violet Crumble Type: Bite Size Candy Bars

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Discover the melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness from Down Under waiting inside each bar of Australia's Violet Crumble candy. The bite size chunks of mouthwatering honeycomb candy dipped in smooth milk chocolate deliver a flavor and texture combo sure to have your taste buds saying “G’day mate!” Light and crunchy on the inside with a thick chocolate coating, these unique Australian confections are indescribably delectable. An 8-piece box of individual 6-ounce bags gives you plenty of heavenly honey candy to share with deserving others while stashing a few bags for solitary savoring. Candy Warehouse makes it easy to enjoy all of your favorite hard-to-find candies from around the world. It’s our passion!

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