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Lucas candy is a unique, wildly tasty treat with flavor combinations that are out of this world delicious. Since 1986, when two brothers set out to make candies from tamarind pulp, these taste sensations have enlivened the candy experience for connoisseurs worldwide. Favored in Mexico for its sweet yet sour notes, tamarind is a tropical hardwood tree that produces bean-like pods filled with seeds and fibrous pulp. It’s the pulp of these brown pods that are used to create fabulous candies, as it adds a distinctive flavor to confectionary delights. Lucas Mexican candy is sold all over the world and is known to be one of the most flavorful and popular confections on the market.

Discover the world of hard to find south of the border sensations at Candy Warehouse, where you’ll find the best Mexican candy online at the lowest prices. We have Chamoy flavored lollipops that you dip in Chamoy or Mango Lucas candy powder, Bomvaso multi-flavored treats, gooey and tamarind infused Pelucas candy, Tamarind Pulpadip, Skwinkles Rellenos Chili Candy which are watermelon candy-coated with real chili powder, and the classic watermelon candy strings coated in chili known as Salsaghetti. This super-fun treat even comes with a side of Gusano tamarind sauce for an extra zing of spicy flavor! Either sweet or sour, with a kick of mouth-watering chili spice, these candies are a fiesta for the senses that you can’t miss!