Snake Shaped Candy

26-Pound Party Gummy Python

4 Reviews

Haribo Gummy Twin Snakes Candy: 3.75LB Box

4 Reviews

Haribo Gummi Rattle Snakes Candy: 3.75LB Box

2 Reviews

Giant 1-Pound Gummy Snake - Blue Raspberry and Berry Blast


Albanese Giant Gummy Rattlesnakes Candy: 5LB Bag

4 Reviews

Giant Gummy Snakes Candy: 7LB Bag


It’s hard not to smile when you realize that the scaly creature your child brought home is nothing but a gummy snake! You’ll be relieved that these aren’t the real hissing deal, and your child will love that they’re fun to play with and to eat! With long, slithering bodies, pointy heads, and rattle-shaped tails, these treats are perfect for goodie bags, Halloween scares, and nature-themed parties. Spook your kids or neighbors when you surprise them with giant gummy snakes! Coming in 1-lb and 26-lb options, these party treats are great for winding around snack bowls, laying across cakes, or coiling around other gummy critters for an edible showdown. Whether you want to greet your trick-or-treaters with a surprising nibble from a candy snake around your neck or want to create a dirt cake with slithering toppings, Candy Warehouse has you covered. Discover our snake candy selection today!

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