Licorice Gum

Black Jack Gum 5-Stick Packs: 20-Piece Box

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Black Jack Gum 5-Stick Packs: 10-Piece Gift Tin


Licorice gum combines two of your favorite sweet treats for mouthwatering, long-lasting flavor. One stick will quickly take you back to your childhood. This classic treat is hard to find in stores today, but Candy Warehouse offers an assortment of black licorice flavored gum that’s sure to satisfy. This treat was manufactured from 1884 through the 1970s, when it was discontinued. It was relaunched in 1986, went off the market again, and then reemerged in the 2000s. Since then, it’s been a specialty item. You can still enjoy BlackJack licorice chewing gum, a true classic that we’re lucky enough to still have around today. Order a gift tin to share its delicious flavor with your friends and family, or order a bulk box to ensure you always have this treat available for a pick-me-up.

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