Black Jack Gum

Black Jack Gum 5-Stick Packs: 20-Piece Box

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Black Jack Gum 5-Stick Packs: 10-Piece Gift Tin


Black Jack gum is a true icon in history that paved the way for every chewy delight that came after its creation! Back in 1871, a man named Adams developed a patent on a gum-making machine, and after experimenting with several flavors, including sarsaparilla, he settled on licorice as the winner. It was then that Black Jack chewing gum was born, and it came into the candy world as the first flavored product available in stick form, which has been adopted by the entire candy industry. Available today in its classic blue wrap, this retro candy is a chewy treat everyone should try, because once you chew the original, you won’t be going back to the copycats. Discover hard to find Black Jack gum for sale at Candy Warehouse!

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