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Cast your memory back and recall the iconic ‘Choo Choo Charlie’ adverts on television. These memorable Good and Plenty commercials are etched in our collective childhood memory. The advertisements first graced our black and white screens way back in 1950. Since then, the candy has become a household name across the country, with many of us falling head-over-heels in love with it. So, how did it all start? First made by the Quaker City Confection Company in Philadelphia in 1893, these treats are now the oldest candy in America. Since the business began, it has supplied stores all over the US and even further afield. Believe it or not, these days, the brand is owned by the likes of The Hershey Company. Over the years, it has changed ownership multiple times, while the great taste of the licorice snacks has always remained the same throughout these transitions.

Are you ready to experience the remarkable flavor of Good and Plenty candy once again? Of course, you are! Yes, if you’re a lover of this old-timey treat, you needn’t miss out anymore. Here at Candy Warehouse, we happen to have all the best licorice products that your heart desires. Fancy taking a brief trip back in time? Luckily, guzzling down some of this classic candy is certain to transport you back in time to your childhood. Yes, these snacks are a core part of every all-American kid’s upbringing. Getting to have a package of these sweet and delicious treats was always something to savour. When you were younger, you’d look forward to the sheer joy of getting one of these packs and digging into the yummy goodness right away! Now owned by The Hershey Company, these candies are still as popular as they were way back in the 1950s.

Fun Fact: Believe it or not, National Good and Plenty Day is hosted on October 24th every year! The day celebrates this astounding old fashioned candy in all its glory. Since the treats are officially the oldest branded candy here in the United States, there’s a whole load to love about them. Many people cite these snacks as an integral part of their childhood. Whether you watched the commercials on your black and white TV or simply enjoyed the great flavor, the memories are rich and sweet. It’s no wonder that people would want to honor these tasty little snacks with a national day. Why not treat yourself to a box of the coated, sweet black licorice and get involved with the event’s fun? Whatever time of year it happens to be, remember you can always brighten up your day with these yummy delicacies!

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