Gerrit J Verburg

Gustaf's Jumbo Gummy Turtles Candy: 1KG Bag


Gustaf's Soft Toffee Caramel Snowballs: 7.2LB Bag


Broadway Licorice Rolls - Black Licorice: 24-Piece Box


Gustaf's White & Black Gummy Cow Heads: 1KG Bag

1 Review

Sour Gummy Soda Bottles Candy: 5LB Bag

3 Reviews

Black Licorice Pontefract Cakes Candy: 3KG Box

7 Reviews

Guststaf's Black Licorice Pipes Candy: 1KG Bag

2 Reviews

Sea Salt Black Licorice: 1.65LB Bag

8 Reviews

Licorice Mint Swirl Caramel Cubes: 2KG Bag

2 Reviews

Gustaf's Soft Strawberry Caramel Snowballs: 7.2LB Bag


Gustaf's Licorice Nonpareils Buttons Candy: 3KG Bag

2 Reviews

Gustaf's Blue Licorice Tidbits: 16-Ounce Bag

1 Review
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Gerrit Verburg is the global leader in imported licorice, gummies, and chocolate coins from all across Europe, including Great Britain, Holland, and Finland. This candy company is based in Fenton, Michigan, and has been bringing the world’s best candies to the American confectionery market since 1979. Although famous for their licorice, Gerrit J Verburg Co also reinvigorates brands from bygone eras, giving customers vintage gum and candies that were once thought to be lost forever.

Candy Warehouse is the candy shop where you’ll find all of their imported and iconic treats in stock and ready to ship. Some of the selections you will discover as you browse are the vintage chewing gums you either remember as a child or read about in history, such as Black Jack gum, which was launched way back in 1884 and is the oldest flavored gum brand on the market. Other retro favorites we have in stock are Clove gum, flavored with cloves for a naturally fresh taste, and Beemans gum, which is doctor invented chewing pleasure made with pepsin, an ingredient that aids digestion. These treats from years past are delicious, but it’s this candy company’s Dutch Licorice that they are famous for, and these sweet treats come in pastilles, laces, rolls, wheels, and more! Shop now and discover the appeal of candies from yesteryear and abroad!

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